How to add and regulate staff members?

In the “Staff” section you can manage the accounts of your employees. You can also make a new Account for your staff members and regulate and restrict their access to certain parts of your page. 

Where do I find the "Staff" page?

You can visit the “Staff” page via “Store Manager” -> “Staff”

Or you can click here

How can I add new staff members?

You press one of the two “Add New” buttons shown in the picture.

How can I restrict their access and to what extend?

If you have filled in the fields with the contact information of your staff members and checked the box “Custom Capability” you will find the vast options to regulate your employee. All options are turned on by default, meaning your staff member has full access to your Arvaloo account if you don´t choose to adjust his capabilities.

How can I restrict the Capabilities of my staff and how does it work?

By clicking on the checkboxes you change their staus from “On” to “Off” or from “Off” to “On”.

How can I finnish creating an account for my staff members?

If you are finished adjusting the capabilities of the staff account according to your wishes, you have to click “Submit” to send an E-mail with the login Information to the previously given E-mail address.

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