How to order?

Visit the page of the product you wish to order:


If you are on the page of the product you wish to order, you can see the “Add to cart” Button on the right side of the product picture.


Simultaneously a small window will pop up under the “cart” symbol in the top right corner, which shows you details and a confirmation about the product you added to your cart.


If you want to buy more products you can go to the page of your desired product and repeat the process from number “1”.


To continue with the buying process, you have to click on the “cart” symbol in the top right corner. A small window will open just beneath the “cart” symbol, with two buttons at the bottom. If you click on “View cart” you can check details about the products in your “cart”. If you click on “Checkout” you proceed with the order process and will come to a page where you have to fill in your personal data for shipping and billing. The fields you have to fill out are marked with a star*. Follow the instructions and you will have to choose your payment method and oversee your order data.


If you have checked your order details and you click the “Buy Now” button, you will be transferred to a page which lists your order details if your order has been successful.

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