How to setup your whole store (launch ready)?

Setting up your store on the Arvaloo Marketplace is extremely important, otherwise you are not allowed to publish and trade your products.

That’s why we have made a list here and show you what you need to do to get us started safely and get your store online within 6 minutes.




Go to the “How to add a product?” article. Click here

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1. Fill in all your personal and additional information in your profile

1.1 Personal
1.2 Address

First go to your “Store-Manager”. You can find your profile if you either click on your name on the top left side or you click on the menu tab “My profile”.

Insert the personal and address information of a representative and your company if they are not already provided.

1.3 Membership

This is the section where you can change, upgrade or cancel your current membership to the Arvaloo Marketplace. You can view your data, see the perks of your membership and see when the next payment is due.

1.4 Additional Info

You will probably already see information that you provided at your registration for your verification. Add or update the information to complete the setup.

You should also add your founding date and what your background is: Your customers are interested how long you have been in business and what your field of business is. Just click on the founding date field, move to the date and click on it. Then choose whether you are a: 

  • Manufacturer
  • Shop
  • Farmer
  • Processor
  • Brand

2. Fill in your Store Settings

2.1 Store

Add your “Store Logo” by clicking the placeholder image and uploading it to the site (125px * 125px). Fill in your e-mail and telephone number so that we can contact you.

Tell your customers about your business by adding your story, claim, whatever you want, to the “Shop Description“.

The location you fill in at “Store Location” will appear at the “Store Map” of our Marketplace. And it will be used to calculate distances between trade-partners to optimize the delivery route.

2.2 Payment

Enter the bank details of the account where the money from your sells should be transferred.

2.3 Shipping

We have made a separate page for this topic. Click here to see how to set the shipping settings.

2.4 SEO

These information are important so your store will get found if searched on google or the marketplace: Enter your name/title which describes you best. Continue by adding a more detailed description with no more than 156 characters. Finally add keywords that best describe you, your business and your products.

2.5 Store Policies

If you are a Seller it is necessary that you setup your store policies! If you want to sell on Arvaloo, you must provide all legally relevant information needed for the trade between you and your client

Your store policies create the legal framework for transactions with your products. They will be shown under every product you offer.

2.6 Analytics Region

In the Analytics section you can view data and analyses on your performance. By default, a world map is displayed there, showing how many clicks you have received from which region. You can limit this to one country if only this information is important to you.

3. Add your first product to your store

We created a whole new section for this topic. Click here to view all the topics. 

4. Fill in all your personal and additional information in your profile

4.1 Fill in the user information

First go to your “Store-Manager”. Then click on the tab “Staff”. Next you click on the field “Add new” on the top right side. You now fill in the contact information for your staff member.

4.2 Set up the custom capabilities for your staff member

You now have the option to customize his/her’s capabilities and access rights into your account. You can turn the different capabilities off by clicking the button next to it.

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